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Would You Like to Stop the Endless Scramble for Learning Material?

A curriculum is not a puzzle so stop piecing together learning material from various different sources and calling it homeschool.

Home school is a DIY effort so why not put in the small effort it takes to develop your own curriculum for your own child?

A curriculum is a well thought out plan to incite learning. Learning means so much more than to receive and regurgitate information.  In fact, that is not learning that is memorizing, which is why I prefer phonics over sight words but we will save that blog for later.

Learning is a process which occurs in different ways for different people. There is no one size fits all when it comes to learning.

I have seen so many different curriculums in my career. Though there are a million approaches (different spins) on curriculums, there is one common thread, they all attempt to teach more than one person.

For any school, instructional design company, etc., that sells learning materials, the profit is great because you can sell one set of learning materials to everyone. All you have to do is design a set for each level.

Homeschool parents flock to these online companies that sell curriculums. Groups share resources on where to get learning material for a certain age, gender, level or condition. The problem is we have taken our children out of public school, but we have not deprogrammed our thinking, our approach from the ‘one size fits all’ method.

I know you are doing a great job, but wouldn’t it feel great to walk away from the scramble for learning material?

You can DIY the learning material.  Just think, you decide the type of math, which historic figures, how to teach spelling, grammar, and stories in language arts. Those decisions can include your family values and the direction you want to set for your child. Those decisions must include methods that attract your child’s interests, your child’s learning style, and your child’s environment. THAT is the best approach for your child. A complete curriculum approach especially for your child.

No more counting bears on a math worksheet when you’d rather count stalks of corn because you’re a farmer and your child will take over the business one day. A farmer doesn’t need a worksheet, there is an abundance of math problems to work out on the farm.

I am using the farm as an example to make my point.

Worksheets, and other learning material including online programs are still designed for the many, even though you have your child doing it at your kitchen table.

As homeschool parents you have an opportunity to really break away from the mold and incite a learning experience in your child that can never be obtained in a classroom.

Let’s get started. I will show you how.

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