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My Story

Yvette has taught on every level of education from K-12 to College face to face and online. She is an Instructional Designer helping companies create innovative, educational e-learning material.

She is very passionate about personalized/customized education. Yvette has spent several years studying the benefits of personalized education online and in schools. Her own experiences with her son in the public school system, led her to the Homeschool Community. Yvette now helps home school families develop their own curriculum designed specifically for their child through customized lessons, online and through local resources that are consistent with their child’s learning style and family values.

Yvette is the owner of Creatively Ed. 


My Philosophy

My story is why I am here and what drives me to take the long road towards providing a real, organic education that changes the learning content and the teaching method, NOT THE LEARNER.

When a child or an adults rejects learning there is a subtle message being relayed, the information is not in alignment with how they receive information best. Learning is natural and organic when it happens in alignment with the way the information is shared.

Let's stop forcing our children to learn and show them that learning is a natural, organic activity that is joyous and full of positive energy. 

Dr. Yvette (Yves) Appiah

What Qualifies Me

  • Dr. of E-Learning Education

  • 25 years experience in Education from a classroom teacher to a Corporate Trainer

  • Instructional Designer of e-Learning courses, workshops, webinars, and Instructor-led courses.

Who Are We?

Creatively Ed is a curriculum design & consulting company for home school organizations, home teachers,  home school families as well as Independent Teachers, Non-profit organizations, companies, and independent schools. 

Creatively Ed incorporates a holistic approach to  education. A custom designed curriculum engages the whole child in an educational experience that fosters critical thinking skills and learning success in a way that is natural, familiar and organic for the learner.

Creatively Ed  breaks down the public/private school concept that learning is a one size fits all experience to which the student must conform to a  predetermined, structured lesson plan. Creatively Ed  structures the lesson plan to conform to the student, the family values and the surrounding community, using live resources, hands on activities that align with your assessment. In education, learning content are expendable characteristics, meaning they can be replaced with a variety of material.

We are Instructional Designers, with over 25 years experience designing courses, workshops, webinars, and individual lessons. 

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