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Learning Is Not A Punishment

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hello homeschool parents and parents with children learning from home!

As the rest of the world joins us on our homeschool journey, it is important to remember the joys and benefits of learning.

Learning is not a punishment. With that in mind, if your child is becoming lazy, or angry, or just difficult when it’s time to do school work it may be because you are trying to make him/her conform to the lessons.

I always say, your child should not conform to the lesson, the lesson should conform to your child. Quote me on that.

The homeschool parents have already been finding their own curriculum and feeling out what works best. Hopefully, my followers have been taking my advice as well. But to the newly joined parents of students who are learning from home due to Covid 19, take this down time to learn how your child learns.

Take a learning style assessment. You can find one for your child’s age group online. You probably already know how your child learns because your the parent. If you are a good listener your child has been showing you all his/her life. Watch your child doing something enjoyable. Think about what your child is good at doing and enjoys it. Bingo!

I know there is a set curriculum in place and your child has to finish the school year. But now that you are involved, here’s what you can do to turn his/her attitude towards learning around.

Take a look at the lessons ahead of time. Learn the gist, the overall concept, or objective of the lesson. Use your child’s learning style/preface to reteach the objective in the way your child really wants to learn.

Yes, I know there is more work for you, but the benefits are a renewed desire to learn. If you do one or two lessons like that a week, it may be enough to motivate your child to completing this year’s school curriculum. Then you are one step ahead for homeschool next year. I have your back with curriculum counseling. I am with you every step.

First step, stop squeezing your child into an educational box. Stop threatening your child with punishment if they don’t sit there and learn the way the “one size fits all” school curriculum says learn. Stop threatening and punishing your child with learning. It becomes a heavy task and no one wants to do “work”.

Instead allow educational moments to happen while your child is experiencing a fun activity in a way that doesn’t seem like punishment.

Stay safe. Stay home until we’re all safe.

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