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Resources to Personalize Your Home School Curriculum

In my blogs, I’ve gone from why a personalized education is important to offering lesson ideas for the four main learning styles and sharing a link where you can do a learning style assessment for your child and yourself.

Today I will take personalized learning a step further by offering you some great resources to help you build a personalized curriculum for your home learner.

Whether you have a kinesthetic learner, auditory, sensory, sequential or a mix of 2 or 3 learning types, you will need a wealth of resources to help you build your own curriculum.

The first and the best thing I did when I started thinking about homeschooling is network with other homeschoolers. You can find home school groups in your area on Facebook. I prefer the FB groups over other social media because there is a constant sharing of a wealth of information.

You can find the best places for extracurricular activities including gymnastics or piano. You can also ask about how to sign your child up for clubs at the local, public school.

I am a member of Tampa Bay Homeschool Families and I love the support you find in this group.

You can also join a Meet Up group for home school families on

Not all lessons can be done on the road so you will need some learning material to assist. The best websites I have found where you can get great, interactive, and engaging learning material are,,, and

There are so many more but I am selective.

To really personalize your lessons you will need to pull from several resources and add your own lessons as suggested in my last four blogs. Here is where you can implement your personal morals and values. You can find the history lessons you want your child to learn, you can introduce them to heroes and sheroes that align with your values.

Homeschooling is not easy but nothing worth it ever is.

Don’t be lazy, give your child the education he/she deserves. A personalized curriculum is the best curriculum.

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