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Lesson Plans from Scratch

” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Gandhi

I came across this quote this morning as I was helping my daughter find an inspirational thought to put on her new felt letter board.

She did not use the quote by Gandhi but we will change the quote weekly, so I am hopeful.

The quote made me think about what we do as homeschoolers. It made me think of the reasons we removed our children from public/private schools in the first place. Some of you never allowed your child to enter those schools. Though there are a myriad of reasons and we all have our own, I know there is a common thread as to why we home school.

The common denominator is that something was not working for our family, for our child. The learning experience was not optimal.

As I went a bit deeper into thought about what Gandhi said, my purpose for blogging to homeschoolers occurred to me.

I read many blogs and articles for homeschoolers and the majority offer resource after resource, to the point where I thought, am I doing my readers, the home school community a service if I am not offering a list of resources in each blog.

Hmmm, I sipped my tea. The music on the TV was soothing and allowed me to really introspection. Then finally, ah ha!

Like an epiphany, my sole purpose for consulting homeschool families and blogging is to guide you slowly or quickly, but surely, away from the resources that approach education in the exact same manner as the schools you removed your child from.

Stop using the bland worksheets. Stop using the text books. Stop using the sit still, quiet, listen and learn approach to teaching a child that may not respond to learning in that manner.

If/when we continue to use the brick and mortar approach to teaching, learning becomes like a punishment to a child that does not learn in that manner.

Yes children are sponges, yes, all children can learn but it is how we teach them that creates an experience that leaves them wanting more and more. It is how we teach them that creates the change we want to see in education.

One size does not fit all. So if you want me to give you step by step resources as in all the other blogs out there, here it goes.

Step 1. Figure out your child’s learning style. That requires some thought about your child, not yourself. Also, take a learning style assessment.

Step 2. Before you can cook from scratch you are going to need to know how to twerk a recipe. So go ahead and use those worksheets, text books and websites you have been gathering and use them to create learning objectives. Use the topics to devise your own lesson.

3. You may need the help of a consultant. That’s me, I am a consultant, here to help you develop your own lessons from scratch using the ideas and topics from learning material and turning it into an organic lesson for your child based on his/her learning style, environment, and needs. Oh yeah, and your morals and values.

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