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Homeschool Lesson Ideas for Sequential Learners

In the past four weeks, I have published a blog series on learning styles.

I prefer to say learning style rather than learning preference because a style is a proven method in which a person learns best. A preference is a choice.

As parents, teachers and instructional designers we must understand that learning style is not a choice. It is a fact that people learn differently. So why do we continue to educate our children using a one size fits all approach? SMH

Worksheets and lectures do not work for everyone, in fact, it only considers two learning style types, sequential and auditory learners.

A sequential learner appreciates order. Most school curriculums are set up to teach sequential learners. There is a little consideration for auditory, less consideration for visual and hardly any consideration for kinesthetic learners.

Today’s blog is on sequential learners. I saved this learning style for last because it is the most familiar to you. I wanted to take you out of your comfort zone first. Kinesthetic learners tend to take you out of your comfort zone, which is why the first blog on homeschool lesson ideas starts with kinesthetic learners.

Before I dive into the many ideas on teaching a sequential learner, let’s talk a bit about learning styles. Remember, no one is one specific type of learner which is why I strongly suggest you take a learning style assessment. Google learning style assessments and you will find plenty for free. I suggest the Felder-Silverman Learning Style Assessment, but a well-known one is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

A sequential learner needs routine. This is the orderly child who keeps his/her room neat. The child who asks for a daily itinery (my daughter).

Sequential learners are hard to teach when you are not an organized or orderly parent or teacher. My hair is gray because I have a kinesthetic learner and a sequential learner that are Irish twins.

Here are a few ideas for teaching a sequential learner at home:

When homeshooling, start a daily routine for this child and do not deviate. If you use a chalk board or dry erase board in your kitchen, I suggest you place the daily schedule on it. Your sequential learner will expect things to happen as they are scheduled.

You can give this child worksheets to complete. You can give this child colored folders and expect them to organize them by subject and keep their papers and homework neatly bound inside.

Give spelling test. Have your sequential learner write the words five times each. Then give a practice test. Do this 2 or 3 times a week before the test. (Do you see how this is exactly like a school curricuculum?)

Use math formulas. Print worksheets that show the formula for any math problem on any level. For example: the multiplication table, the place values chart, etc… Have your sequential learner add these sheets to his/her math binder and refer to them when doing math.

Use formulas for science and the periodic table. Science can be great for sequential learners because there is a process for determining results.

You can still take learning on the road for your sequential learner but it must be scheduled in advance and done when promised. You can add ‘math at the grocery store’ to your weekly schedule and design a budget for your sequential learner to follow. A list of food items will be helpful as well.

Treat learning on the road as a field trip for sequential learners.

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In fact, because the general school curriculum is designed for sequential learners you can rely on common educational resources to teach this type of child. But be careful, no one learns in one particular style 100% of the time. In fact, once you take the assessment, you may find you have a sequential-auditory learner, or a kinesthetic-visual learner.

In my next blog, I will offer great resources that I recommend.  I will tell you the learning style that the resouce works best to teach.

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