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Homeschool Lesson Ideas for Auditory Learners


In keeping with the blog series I started on lesson ideas for the four main learning styles, I gave lesson ideas on active and visual learners, now it is time for auditory learners.

Auditory learners learn by hearing. An auditory learner is a good listener. This is the child that responds with an answer when you ask them to repeat what you said or after you talked about something for a long time. The auditory learner still remembers what you said.

Music, TV and other noises are okay to have in the background with an auditory learner. Also, it is not uncommon that an auditory learner needs the TV on to fall asleep.

Auditories can use sound to recall facts they have learned. Just like a visual learner can remember what was written on the board or how to spell a word after seeing it in a dictionary or on the screen, an auditory learner can remember what they heard. Sounds trigger learning for auditories so go ahead and play music that they like.

Allow auditory teens and pre-teens to listen to their headphones while studying. In fact, the song they were listening to can help trigger what they studied.

I love to play music or binary, delta and theta beats for my children while they sleep. I will do a blog on this later but this technique can actually promote happiness and reduce anxiety.

Just because auditory learners are good listeners doesn’t mean they all can or want to sit still. Sitting still and learning is acquired yet only organic to few learners.

Here are some great lessons you can do with your auditory learner at home.

Turn lists into songs. For geography lessons on remembering the states, countries, continents, rivers, etc… get creative and turn the list into a song or rap.

Use instrumental music in the background. Have your child help with this activity. It does not matter if the rap is corny or all the lyrics don’t rhyme. You are not taking this song on America’s Got Talent but it is a great way for your child to remember lists.

For math formulas, rap songs work well. I once wrote a poem on the value of X, it was awesome and won in spoken word contests.

Try spelling with music, it works!

Add music or sounds to all or most of your lessons. Making videos with auditory learners is also a great and fun way to learn considering most auditories are also visual.

Yes, get books on audio for reading, reading comprehension, and foreign languages.

You don’t want to make every lesson 100% listening based, you just want to add sound to every lesson.

Auditory learners still have to write and show their math, it is just easier to tell an auditory learner and expect them to catch on.

You can take your auditory learner to hear speakers. Depending on the age this is storytelling for little ones and lectures, book signings or panel discussions for older children. The symphony, plays, and documentaries are great, fun learning tools for auditory learners.

I know kids think it is boring but classical and jazz music instrumentals trigger brain development. If your child refuses to listen to this ageless music that I love, search for instrumentals of the music they like. You do not want them remembering the lyrics more than they remember the lesson.

My son, the active/ intuitive learner with anxiety loves chillout lounge music. It does help relieve his worries.

Good luck with your auditory learner. Learning by listening is easy and fun. If you need ideas or help to develop your own personalized, homeschool curriculum for your child I will be happy to help. I am a curriculum consultant for home school families.

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