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Curriculum Advice from an Instructional Designer

I often wonder why we as parents continue to send our children to school where they will sit in a classroom of about 29 other students.

What is even more insane is that the schools adhere to a curriculum designed by someone at the county level or the county purchases a pre-made curriculum and each teacher must follow the curriculum.

I remember being the teacher and hating when the principal made his/her rounds to check and see if I/we were teaching the curriculum. I have always been a rebel of sorts.

I noticed early on that each student has his/her own learning style, behaviors and interests. I am amazed that as students any of us learned anything at all.

I have to tell you, I am done with those days of sitting behind a desk and feeding a one sized fits all curriculum to a large group of kids. It doesn’t matter how good the teacher is, this mode of education just doesn’t work. Ugh!

I am so thrilled that we now live in an age where education can be exactly what we want it to be. Finally, no one else gets to decide who my child learns about for history lessons, or how I teach spelling, or what real life situations I apply to our math lessons.

Yes. You get it, right? Educational material can be completely manipulated. Wipe the slate clean. Go ahead, I give you full permission to swipe the papers and books off the desk. After all, they are not working.

Stop looking for worksheet pages and work books. Your child is not slow in math. Change the way he/she is learning math.

I can help you turn around  the learning results in your home for you and especially for your child.

The secret these big name instructional design companies do not want you to know is that each curriculum should be designed for each, individual child. It is possible and it is the most effective way to educate your child according to your morals, values and most importantly, according to how your specific child learns.

Contact me for help.

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