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Can Parents Really be the Best Teachers for Their Children?

I haven’t been getting any comments on my blogs, so I am posing a question in this month’s blog because I truly want to hear from you.

There are so many reasons people decide to homeschool. My reason is that my son does not thrive in a one size fits all educational environment. He learns in ways brick and mortar teachers cannot jump out of the box and teach on a regular basis.

I know my child more than anyone.

So does that mean I can do a better job?

As parents we take on a lot of responsibility when we decide to homeschool.

The greatest challenge of parenting is to realize that children learn from what we do, not what we say. That is one area where teachers have an advantage over us. They are at work and can model a professional behavior the whole time our children are with them.

I said they can, I didn’t say they always do. You know and I know that is an unfortunate occurrence.

My point is at home, where we are comfortable, do we always model the behavior we want our children to learn?

During homeschool hours do you put on a different behavior? Do you become like a brick and mortar teacher?

If so, what makes your child respond to you more than he/she would at school?

If you do model the behavior of a teacher and use the same teaching methods, then what were your reasons for homeschooling?

I am not going to provide answers. I have my own answers and you have yours.

Comment your answers

down below and let’s begin a discussion.

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