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All Lessons are Designed to Order

There are no pre-designed lessons waiting for you to click on and see. Why?

For the same reasons you don't want that fast food burger that was prepared in the morning and has been sitting under the heat lamp until 4 pm when you pull through the drive thru to order-

it's dry, old, and unhealthy. 

Below is a sample a custom lesson using our customized structure for design.

Here is a project based, custom lesson for an independent teacher. The lesson is one in a 9 week curriculum designed for pre-teens, active learners, in an inner city environment.


Learning Objective: To inform students of African American contributions to Atlanta City.         

Instructions: Start a competition. Allow the students to choose teams. Ensure there are fact finders on each team. (2 teams only). Assign a score keep and mediator (a good role for students who do not want to participate)

Have students look up the following facts: One student per team, per fact. Use the worksheet. Once the fact is found, the student will pass the worksheet to the next teammate, (like a relay race) until all facts are found. The teacher will verify facts and award the team with the most correct responses that finished first.

Set the rules for handwriting, noise level, and shouting out answers.

Materials: Black Facts Atlanta City Government

                   Device for internet search

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