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Teaching with Apps

Happy New Year, Happy New Decade!

Plan well and be prosperous in your teaching endeavors.

Today’s blog is an end of the year blog and a movement into more from Creative Curriculums next year!

Sign up on my contact page so I can email you when I do my first vlog. I will also link this blog site to a new an upcoming Creative Curriculums website where I can better help you service your needs as Homeschool teachers and ESL teachers.

Let’s talk about the benefits of teaching with apps. As an eLearning Specialist I do not see a downside to using apps to enhance your lessons.

The greatest benefit of using Apps is attraction. Students of all ages are already tuned into their phones. As I have always said, your child should not conform to the lesson, the lesson should conform to tour child.

So go ahead, find some topic friendly Apps and use them to help your students learn.

iPhone and Samsung offer great learning Apps. A few are my favorites are…

  1. Scholar for mid to high level spelling

  2. Science Trivia

  3. Count Money for low to mid levels

  4. Supermarket Shop for activity based math

  5. Quiz Wiz for test taking skills

There are loads of Apps out there to help you teach your child a concept or topic or get in some hands on practice.

I also use YouTube for videos on science and math. My son is a visual and auditory learner so videos work great. Plus, he loves YouTube.

Don’t take what they love away from them, use it to help them learn.

The only Apps I do not recommend are reading apps, unless you can add your own voice. I prefer ebooks for reading and there are some awesome websites to download ebooks for free. ESL teachers can send an ebook to their students via email and it is better than sending a gift in the mail across the world.

Spelling and grammar apps are perfect practice for students. I love grammar apps because it takes the argument out of grammar. I don’t know why people tend to debate correct grammar, it is not debatable.

Use an App while you take a nap. Lol

Seriously, Apps should be used as support, enhancement and practice but not as the total teacher.

If you use Apps and have some great ones to recommend, please comment below and let us know what about them.

Have a wonderful 2020! See you next year with so much more.

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