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We are an Instructional Design Company Serving the Homeschool Community 


Homeschool Families | Homeschool CoOps | Micro Schools | Learning Pods | Independent Schools 

We take Core Curricula and re-imagine how education is experienced by customizing it to your LIVE factors.

LIVE & Learn

Learning Style





We Start with an assessment to get to know your needs & LIVE Factors
We meet your state requirements
Homeschool Portfolio Needs
Provide a Field Trip List based on your location & your child's interests

You Deserve Your Own Curriculum

The Choice is Yours

Option 1: Best for families

Get the Course & DIY Your Curriculum Year after Year

  • We All Learn Differently: Online Course

  • We LIVE and Learn: Online Homeschool Teaching Guide

  • Membership: (Coming soon) Custom curricula, custom consultations, Free custom field trip schedule, free custom activities 

Homeschool mom

Option 2: Best for schools, CoOps

Pre-order & Get Your Own

Instructional Designer

  • Intake LIVE Assessment

  • Quarterly Custom Consultations

  • Your Own Instructional Designer

  • Full Curriculum: Core Subjects

  • Partial Curriculum: Only the subjects you need

  • Supplemental Curriculum: We work with your school curriculum to provide a customized version to help your child grasp the concepts 

Our customizable LIVE approach is backed by 28 years of education experience, a Doctor of Education, E-Learning Specialist, Senior Instructional Designer, and homeschool mom all in Dr. Yves. 

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An expert in creating custom learning experiences

Click to view Dr. Yves' article in Training Industry Magazine.

The LIVE Approach

Learning Style

We do a learning style assessment because there are several different learner types. The four most common styles are: kinesthetic, sequential, auditory, and visual.


Learning in alignment with interests is a major attraction to learning. We base topics, activities, and teaching methods on interests. Learning is organic when there is interest. 

Values & Goals

Values, goals, and morals have always been filtered into standard, pre-designed curricula. The problem is they are societal values which may not reflect your family values. 


Environment has a strong connection to how we perceive information. Many students are inspired to learn when they see aspects of their environment in the lesson.

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Here's Sample LIVE Factors

All Curricula we design are confidential and belong to the homeschool family or organization. Fortunately, Dr. Yves is also a homeschool mom and open to sharing her daughter's LIVE Factors to provide a visual of our curriculum foundation. We apply your child's LIVE Factors to your curriculum. For CoOps and homeschools, we apply LIVE Factors to your organization.

Purchase Our DIY Course

Course Inclusions:
18 lessons in various formats to meet your learning style

Bonus printouts to keep handy for lessons anywhere you go
Feel free to travel + teach

A Free Learning Style Cheat Sheet

A formula you can use on each child year after year
Most siblings have different learning preferences

A discount on Creatively Ed Academy membership which includes quarterly consultation calls

Instant membership to the Creatively Ed Homeschool Circle

Schedule a Consultation

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Here's what our customers are saying

Audial learner

"My homeschooling journey transformed after implementing Dr. Yves  curriculum customization strategies. It's been a game-changer for my child's education!"

~ Elizabeth, Homeschooling Parent

Active learner

" Dr. Yves' approach opened up new possibilities for my homeschool CoOp. Our students are thriving with personalized curricula that cater to their unique learning styles and interests."

~ Sandy, CoOp Coordinator

Visual and active learner

"Thanks to Dr. Yves' guidance, I created a customized curriculum for my students that perfectly suits their needs. The results have been incredible!"

~ Roma, Independent Teacher

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